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Dealspotr is a free social network to meet and collaborate with lifestyle influencers

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Influencer marketplace introduction
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Wait, how does this work?

Think of Dealspotr like LinkedIn. We're a free social network, but instead of hunting for jobs, people here hunt for great deals and cool new products and brands.

Over time, we've built a strong community of both influencers and merchants (e-commerce store marketers), and due to the rise in popularity of "influencer marketing" we decided to connect these two audiences through a new influencer marketplace.

Since we're an e-commerce site, we're not trying to generate revenues directly from this marketplace, so we allow our brands and influencers to use it for free.

Instead of charging a fee, we require that brands share an exclusive discount code on Dealspotr in order to use our marketplace. This discount code is then customized and amplified by our influencers in your campaign. In essence, we operate this marketplace for free in pursuit of our larger mission of providing the best and most unique discounts to our shoppers.

Free? What do you mean by free?

By free we mean that we do not charge merchants any subscription or up-front fees for using our influencer marketplace.

What we ask instead of monetary payment is that you share your best, exclusive discount code on Dealspotr that is not freely available on other coupon sites.

Your Dealspotr merchant account is 100% free. Even when you're not running any influencer campaigns, you can manage your public brand page, post deals, feature deals, and edit deals. You can also build followers, interact with other members on our Feed and through our messaging system.

How do I compensate influencers?

You have two options for compensating influencers: sending them free product or paying them a promotional fee. You can also combine the two.

If you choose a free product only campaign, you'll ship products to each influencer, and your campaign will never involve any transfer of money. It's 100% free.

If you choose a promotional fee campaign, you'll pay each influencer their designated Dealspotr rate which you'll see when they apply. You decide which influencers to accept into your campaign, and you only pay their fees when you're satisfied with the promotion the influencer has provided you.

We charge the influencer a 20% service fee when they receive payment from you to cover our transaction costs. So the only financial cost to merchants in promotional fee campaigns is each influencer's designated rate.

How is each influencer's rate determined?

We've developed our own Influence Score algorithm which accurately assesses true engagement and sets a fair market rate for each influencer.

In our experience, promotional fees charged by some influencers can be too high to enable brands to reach positive ROI when running influencer campaigns. Negotiating fees with dozens of micro-influencers can also take considerable time and effort.

On Dealspotr, influencers connect their social accounts to verify ownership, then we crawl their statistics to assess their true promotional reach. We then assign them an Influence Score, and determine fair market rates for the following content: blog post, YouTube video, and Instagram post. We also track each influencer's performance in driving conversions in prior campaigns on Dealspotr. Higher converting influencers gain a boost in their Influence Score and promotional rates.

How do I get started?

First, claim your page. Then you'll create your campaign, which is similar to posting a job.

You'll describe your product, how you'd like to be promoted, and what types of influencers you'd like to work with. Once completed, your campaign will be listed in the Marketplace, and influencers will begin to apply. You can also proactively invite influencers to your campaign.

Everything up to this point is free. The only time you'll add funds to your campaign is if you're running a promotional fee campaign, and once you've decided to accept influencers to start promoting you.

If you elect to run a product sample only campaign in which you do not provide monetary payment to influencers. In this case, your campaign is 100% cash-free.

What happens after I accept influencers into my campaign?

From this point, you’ll get to see the true power of the Dealspotr Marketplace.

Under the hood, Dealspotr is an industry-leading influencer marketing platform. We enable you to manage your entire influencer marketing campaign in a single unified dashboard. You'll be able to see new applicants, active influencers, review completed promotions, track clicks and conversions per influencer, and disburse payments. You can handle all communications in a single real-time messaging system.

We automate the influencer marketing process for you. We send automatic notifications to each influencer to move each campaign step forward. We set time limits for each influencer so campaigns don't stall.

78% of marketers say ROI is their top challenge with influencer marketing.

As a popular social shopping site, we're experts in converting visitors into paying customers. We designed our influencer marketplace from the ground up to help you drive sales & conversions. See how the Dealspotr Marketplace can help you drive ROI with influencer marketing.

Real-time conversion tracking and reporting.

See how each influencer is performing in promoting your brand in real-time. We integrate with Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce and other popular e-commerce platforms.

@adambryan drove 125 clicks and 7 conversions today.

Thousands of quality influencers, with audited statistics.

Our algorithm assigns each influencer a reasonable fee based on true engagement statistics + conversions driven on prior campaigns.

Influence Score
YouTube Influence
Instagram Influence

Fully automated scheduling and notifications.

Our advanced CRM enforces timelines and automatically sends out reminders to keep your campaigns moving forward. View everything about your campaign on one convenient dashboard.

Reminder: 2 days left to complete your promotion for MonkeyBread.
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Exclusive ambassador discount codes, auto-generated for each influencer.

Key to driving conversions is a compelling discount code. We auto-generate personalized ambassador discount codes for each influencer in your campaign.

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No monthly fees or commitments.

Using Dealspotr's Marketplace is 100% free with no contracts. You just pay for each influencer upon successful completion of their promotion for your brand.

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Brands can post promotional campaignsin the Dealspotr Marketplace and connect with influencers to promote them.We work with thousands of merchants large and small and offer a fast and cost-effective influencer marketing platform.Read the case study or watch the video.

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