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This New Year 2020, Source Vital is continuing to promote The Truth Series, which teaches the elite knowledge typically reserved for celebrities on how to gain the dream body, mind and lifestyle, via vlogs, blogs, and posts on Instagram & Facebook.

Our #TheTruthSeries campaign is a way for people to view and get involved with our process, and follow our health advice for gaining greater energy levels, gaining the dream body (by losing weight - safely easily and effectively) - and bulletproofing their mindset in the most healthy ways possible.

We'll be teaching the core techniques and health protocols that we feature on www.SourceVital.co, and showcasing them all to our audience throughout this #TheTruthSeries campaign.

The features of this promo will require us to expand awareness of our service to a large audience, with the following goals:

1. Inspiration. Impacting the lives of those who have not considered our approach to losing weight: We flip "weight-loss" on its head and focusing instead on energy-GAIN... Which leads to natural weightloss.

2. Awareness. Our core product focus is a high-ticket 8-week online course called The Truth Series, which we are looking to raise awareness for. We will be mentioning this product throughout our #TheTruthSeries campaign, raising awareness of how people can get ALL the knowledge we share, in bite-sized, easy to follow lessons, delivered online and accessible at any time via your phone, tablet, or Mac / PC.

3. Our key differentiators. The Truth Series teaches the TRUTH in 4 key areas: (i) How to Gain a Bulletproof Mindset, (ii) Energy Gain techniques, (iii) Body techniques for easy weight loss, and (iv) Lifestyle skyrocketing (once you have achieved the mindset, energy and body of your dreams).

During The Truth Series course, our CEO teaches you how to lose weight and gain energy by going through a proven 8-week process. The process is fully online, and it brings together the most elite-level training gained in our careers, that BRINGS BACK THE TRUTH on how to get slim and healthy, VITALLY healthy and have the energy flow back in your life.

We start with focusing on the correct mindset for gaining energy and weightloss, and crucially we dispel a whole bunch of myths in the diet industry which are just not true - and then we teach you what DOES work:

- To have your energy return back to when you were 5-years old

- To have your metabolism back to that same age

- How to fire up the energy back in your life, and

- How you can get started right NOW to create all the change you need to get the mindset, energy and the body of your dreams.

The reason this is a 8-week process is that we cover everything. We leave no stone unturned, and nothing to chance. It is a fully scientific method so that, when you do one thing, you GET the result you desire.

WHAT it is:- The Truth Series is an 8-week online course that brings everything back to the truth of why diets don’t work + teaches the truth of what does work.

You gain access to videos + personalised guidance every step of the way. SourceVital's CEO is there with you at every step, teaching you exactly what does work.

We start with Mindset training because this is exactly where everyone goes wrong, it is the foundations needed to start, which nobody knows. Because this is the part that is simply not taught these days. The correct knowledge. And this builds and builds as you progress through the course.

We dial in bi-weekly progress Calls from our CEO, personally, to track your progress.

And you can work through the program at your pace, in your time, or on the 8-week timeframe we recommend.

Once you are accepted onto The Truth Series program you gain access to the truth in the following areas:

1. MINDSET: If you want to gain more clarity in your mind, or de-stress, then we teach you the exact methods for that, the precise, step-by-step process. This is covered throughout the course but fully in depth during weeks 1 and 2.

2. ENERGY: Then if you you’re feeling all rundown and you want more energy in your life then we teach you the precise methods for gaining the energy of your teenage years again - to have you feel amazing the moment you spring out of bed each day. This feeds directly into how you can lose weight safely, easily and effectively - with NO diets. We cover this in full during weeks 3 and 4.

3. BODY: Then, if you need to lose body fat, we teach you the *exact* way that celebrities are taught, what to do, and how… And in a way that creates LONG TERM results, not flitting from one diet to the next... And then: Your body just works properly. That part of your life is now sorted. We get this all dialled in by Week 5 and 6.

We teach you what workouts, what types of exercise, and what foods are best for you, whatever your goal may be during weeks 5 and 6.

4. LIFESTYLE: And in weeks 7 and 8 we teach the latest lifestyle knowledge to help with your home life, gaining more "me time", assisting with business aspects to make money much easier, and other aspects typically reserved for celebrities - that show you how you to glide through life with everything taken care of, and OFF your to-do list.

Just 8 weeks later, you have a completely new worldview, mindset, energy, body & lifestyle. That lasts you from now, for the rest of your life.

P.S. During January 2020 only, we are including one of our best-performing products (valued at >$3,000) for FREE when clients sign up to the Truth Series!

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You can use or adapt any of the images, photos, and/or content in the posts we have created on our CEO's Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/sourcesimon

Our target audience are mothers, women executives and entrepreneurs who are looking to gain the dream body/mind and skyrocket.

They are tired of the daily chores of life, have little to no help around the house or at work, and are "feeling the churn" of life.

They deeply desire more balance in their lives, more quality time to focus on their family's and their own health but without killing themselves in the gym every day (which they likely don't even have the time for!).

They'd like more help around the house, to feel like they felt when they were in their 20's, and have their body return to the "pre-kids" or the "pre-work-slog" time in their lives. Or they'd like to lose the weight that they have always been carrying around with them.

They'd also like to eat what they like, whenever they like, with zero guilt - and be able to do that, knowing that their new body can handle it.

The goal of the campaign is to get qualified traffic to visit our free training: https://start.sourcevital.co/freetraining

(This page encourages people to book a session to speak with our CEO and sign up to The Truth Series and is fully automated, so you don't have to do anything further).

Our clients typically do not have money concerns, being professional women over-30, and are more in need of the correct knowledge to save them the time or expense spent on other products that don't work.

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  • Formats: Blog post or YouTube video or Instagram post
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  • Free product sample: 1. Influencers gain exclusive access to the Mindset, Energy Gain, and Body (Weeks 1-6) of The Truth Series course. 2. Influencers receive $500 per sale of The Truth Series course (tracked and referable to your unique promotion).
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