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About the product / service

Vyncs is a full-service Connected Car product that comes with real-time tracking, driver monitoring, vehicle health, 24/7 roadside assistance and a lot more. It offers all that for market best price with no monthly fee. The price includes 1 device and 1 year of service on AT&T/T-Mobile wireless network in USA and Telus/Bell in Canada. The device works in 177+ countries backed by thousands of network carriers worldwide. Vyncs is a highly rated and bestselling product in its category on many e-commerce platforms, such as Amazon.

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Our goal is to grow brand awareness, reach new buyers and drive direct sales of our product. Ideal creators would have their audiences primarily based in the USA and Canada and over the age of 35. Channel image and relation to cars are helpful.

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-Fleet Tracking and Management

-Internet of Things/Smart Home Products

-Personal Finance



-RV/Homesteading/Van Life

-Save/Make Money/Frugality



We hope to hire a few creators through this platform to make a honest YouTube review/impression video of our product as an authority. Our campaign is not limited to review videos, so creators are welcome to provide their own pitches and proposals.

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  • Post requirements: Roundups allowed - Your blog post or YouTube video may mention or review Vyncs alongside other brands (e.g. how-to, roundup, review of multiple products).
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  • Minimum length for videos: 5 minutes
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